A family story, a passion

Hotel de la Porte Saint-Pierre celebrated February 2, 2015 its 79 years of family farm.

Arrived in 1929 as a waitress, Albertine Fourel buys February 2, 1936 the small restaurant coffee Porte Saint-Pierre then married Francis Trihan.

From these union two children: Nicole, born in the restaurant and Michel room, growing up in the home and in the years to help their parents.

In 1959 Nicole marries a Malouin, Michel Bertonnière, cook in the Merchant navy. They settled in the house that thrives and maintains a friendly and loyal clientele.

Early 60s, Anaïck and Rozenn born, bring joy and happiness in that home. In 1980 after the great void left by Michel, Anaïck takes over from his dad in the kitchen, Rozenn and Nicole in the hotel.

In 1982, Anaïck married Norbert Gaudiche and growing the family of two girls: Tiphaine in 1982 and Marine in 1989.

Years passed and in 2001 Tiphaine arrives to help her grandmother to the hotel after 4 years of accounting studies.

This is the 4th generation arrived at the Porte Saint-Pierre.

In 2003, Anaïck and Norbert take over the helm of the ship always supported by Nicole.

In 2004, Tiphaine married David Pithon, waiter and professionally for over 15 years, this union comes a year later the sunbeam in the family, Mathis born on June, 3 2005.

In September 2005, Marine acquires the basics of cooking apprenticeship and come home. The entire team sincerely thanks all those who contribute or have contributed to this longevity.


Anaïck, Norbert, Marine Gaudiche,
Tiphaine, David and Mathis Pithon and perhaps someday …..?

80 ans